Warfab offers a full range of extensive field services and repairs to minimize interruptions in production. Our on-site services include machining, welding, alignments, planned and unplanned maintenance, mechanical services and more.

Our team of experts can troubleshoot and analyze your equipment to provide you with long term solutions that will keep your machines productive and efficient without performing the same maintenance repairs year after year.

Warfab’s on-site expertise and highly skilled workforce cover all phases of your maintenance needs, including our planning, estimating, and scheduling your outages or shutdown.

Our outstanding safety performance, adherence to schedules, and pride in our craft have made us a leader in on-site repair for the past 25 years. Our clients look to us to deliver complex projects in challenging locations.

Our Field Services

Our comprehensive field services and highly skilled craftsmen will complete your job on time and within budget, helping you get back to work faster.

    On-Site Machining

    Warfab is one of the few industrial equipment companies offering extensive field machining services. Our on-site machining capabilities include milling, drilling, threading, tapping, and portable line boring from 1.75” to 6” diameters and 2’ to 16’ in length with bore diameters up to 144”. We also offer on-site milling up to 80’ diameter.

    Specialized Welding

    Warfab employs highly skilled, specialized welders and certified welding inspectors. Our team has all National Board and ASME Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Piping Code stamps, including NB U & R-Stamps.

    Welding Services Include:

    • High, medium and low carbon alloy
    • Stainless steel
    • Oxyacetylene cutting
    • Pulse arc welding
    • Plasma arc cutting

    Machine Alignments

    Rotating equipment requires precision alignment to obtain maximum performance and reliability. Warfab’s skilled tradesmen can deliver this precision with the skill of old school face and rim techniques as well as modern portable 3D coordinate measurement equipment. We use FARO laser alignment equipment to locate misalignments with total precision and make necessary repairs to protect your machinery.

    Equipment Repair & Maintenance

    We offer heavy equipment repairs and maintenance to industrial companies in difficult-to-access locations. Whether you need one-time or contractual maintenance services, Warfab has the expertise you need. Our team specializes in welding and machining to accommodate all of your field fabrication needs.

    Turnkey Project Management

    Having the foresight for proper planning can help minimize problems and reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime. We work with you to execute your outage on time and within budget. From design and engineering to fabrication, machining, and field maintenance, we handle it all.

    Our Project Management Includes:

    • Scheduling and coordinating field staff, subcontractors, and craft activities
    • Communicating with managers to ensure required conditions align with project schedule
    • Communicating with field managers to ensure work is completed on schedule
    • Providing relevant quality processes and procedures for the project
    • Reviewing and executing project changes
    • Providing accurate, timely, and well-documented billing and records
    • Ensuring compliance with company policy and procedures
    • Providing accurate as-built drawings and documentation as needed

    Relocations & Liquidations

    We can execute teardowns, installations, and liquidations in record time. Whether you’re moving draglines and shovels or transporting and reassembling major machinery, the team at Warfab can handle your project quickly and efficiently.

    Equipment Installations

    Our team is skilled at installing heavy machinery and industrial equipment regardless of location or environment. Warfab will protect your equipment, install it correctly, and ensure it is safe to operate before you begin production. We’ll handle placement, precision machine alignment, and inspections to make sure your equipment is dependable.