Warfab serves many industrial manufacturing companies, including steel mills, pipe mills, forging plants, pulp & paper mills, food processing, and industrial manufacturers. Our team specializes in repairing, fabricating, and transporting parts for the heaviest, most robust equipment.

Industrial Manufacturing Sectors

Forging Plants

Warfab serves the forging industry with comprehensive press repairs and manufacturing services. We are a full-service manufacturing equipment company able to handle any project you have, from small welds and repairs to a complete press rebuild.

Our press modifications include:

  • Valve blocks
  • Column bushings
  • Column nut repair and fabrications
  • Gland rings repair and fabrications
  • Main ram and cylinder replacement and upgrades
  • Column replacement and tensioning
  • Hydraulic piping upgrades and pump installations
  • Hydraulic cylinder bore repairs
  • Sub-arc ram repairs


Whether you run a steel or pipe mill, pulp and paper mill, food processing plant, or any other industrial manufacturing company, Warfab offers comprehensive services to keep your equipment running smoothly. We handle installations, repairs, and fabrications, ensuring all of your plant services are handled without needing to call multiple vendors

Our manufacturing services include:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Unplanned outages
  • Conveyor system repairs and alignments
  • Rotary equipment; kilns, aggregate mixers, rotary tables
  • Boom, pedestal, crane repairs

Power Generation

Warfab offers a wide range of services to power plants to minimize downtime and keep your power generation equipment running long term. We have experience repairing, rebuilding, and manufacturing components for nearly every type of heavy equipment.

Our power gen services include:

  • Turnarounds and outages
  • Piping repairs, replacements, and installation
  • Valve seating & replacements
  • Turbine stud removal
  • Flange repairs
  • Line boring
  • Bowl mill repairs
  • Relocations and liquidations
  • Various fabricated and machined components


Industrial Services

Installation & Relocations

At Warfab, we handle many of the most challenging projects that few other industrial manufacturing service companies have the capacity to handle. Whether you are navigating a plant relocation, installing new heavy equipment, or liquidating old equipment and parts, Warfab can get the job done right.


On-site machining capabilities are the field services that set Warfab apart from other industrial repair companies. Many highly involved repairs that require serious fabrication can be done at your plant to minimize turnaround time and avoid transport and logistics costs. The equipment components we can repair, weld, or rebuild include rotating equipment, pedestal cranes and booms, conveyors, and gearboxes.

Maintenance & Mechanical Services

Warfab’s contractual maintenance services provide you with on-site expertise and an experienced team that can handle and oversee planning, estimating, and scheduling your outages or shutdowns, and more.